The Christmas Tag

So December is well and truly setting in with the freezing cold weather and Christmas decorations going up. I'm currently sitting in front of my fire with a cup of hot chocolate and I thought it would be a good idea to do a Christmas tag as I haven't posted in ages! A number of blogs I follow have done this and they have told all of their followers to do it so here it is:

1. What is your favourite holiday movie?
I have 2 massive favourites that remind me of Christmas. The first is a classic: The Snowman. I have loved this film since I was a child and I remember that I used to get so excited when it came on and I belted the song out as loud as I could. Another massive favourite isn't really a Christmas movie but it premiered on BBC1 last year at Christmas and it is Lady and the Tramp. This is my all time favourite film ever because I have loved it all my life and what isn't cute about dogs falling in love with each other?

2. What is your favourite Christmas colour?

New York Haul!

So if you read my last blog post you would have seen that last week I went to New York. It was the best holiday ever and if you want to see this post, click here. Anyway, whilst I was in NY I bought some things so I thought I would show you what I got.

First of all, I bought 2 tops in the gift shops as I was there. The first one was from when we went to the Empire State Building and it was $22.

The next one I fell in love with when I saw it in the Rockefeller Centre. It was a little more expensive at $25 but it is such a good t-shirt and I know I will be wearing it a lot.

Both of the t-shirts are so soft and I purposefully got them big so they are perfect to wear with leggings or even tucked into jeans or skirts.
The next thing I got was 2 pictures from a really sweet lady who was selling things on the Brooklyn Bridge. I saw a beautiful picture of New York at night in the Empire State Building gift shop but it was $25 so I decided to wait and I got both of these for $6 each! They were mea…


So this week saw my first ever trip to New York. I went with my school but it was basically my group of friends, a couple of others and 2 teachers so it was like a group holiday. It was the best holiday I have ever been on and New York is now my favourite ever city. It is so beautiful at night!! I was there for 4 days and we went sight seeing. We went to the top of the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Centre and saw the whole city from 102 floors up, saw the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Ground Zero and did a lot of shopping. New York is my favourite place in the world and hands down beats London any time! I thought I would share some of the pictures I took with you guys as some of you have asked for them.
We went to breakfast in a little deli opposite where we stayed and it had the nicest breakfast in EVER.

Central Park is beautiful.
We were a little excited...

Cheeky selfie in Central Park.

Central Park has the cutest phrases written on the benches. …

How To Survive Sixth Form

The start of September saw millions of teenagers join sixth form/college for the first time (this is the year your turn 17 in if you are unsure as to what these terms mean). Now this is a huge jump in our education lives, one that not many schools prepare you for (I did a post on these differences here). I started in September and I wanted some advice as to what to do to make sure that I made a good start so below are 5 tips that really worked for me. 

1. Make a good first impression. Now this may seem obvious but if your teachers find you helpful, pleasant to teach and you stick to the rules, they are much more likely to want to help you when you need it and make your lives at school a lot easier. A teacher's job is to help you achieve good grades, so if you show them that you want these grades too, they will ensure that they do everything they can to help you. Nobody is going to want to help somebody who shows up late, disrespects them and doesn't show an interest in wanting …

Nina Nesbitt Concert!

Hello everyone how have you guys been? 

So yesterday was probably one of the best nights of my life as I saw Nina Nesbitt live at KOKO!!! Me and my friend had got tickets to see her for my other friends birthday so we all took a trip down to Camden after school and waited for 2 hours before being let into such a beautiful venue. Queuing up outside we got little freebie cards for free downloads and a little Nina business card with her eye on (that now lives in my ID badge at school). After we got into the venue we drooled over the merch that none of us could afford and made our way down to the standing floor. We started off being 2 rows from the front and after a little pushing and shoving we ended up about 5 rows back but it was still incredible! 
Before Nina came on there were 2 amazing support acts. The first guy was called Daniel James and was a beautiful man with a beautiful singing voice. His songs were so cool and he kept doing this little dance with his leg that was so cute. We we…

Life Update

So I haven't posted in a while and whilst I sit in cover for phse I have nothing to do so why not write a blog post?! 
How have all of you guys been? How is work or school treating you? Sixth form has such a huge workload compared to gcses it's insane!!! I have near enough 4 hours of homework everyday which sucks. But apart from that I am really enjoying it as you can walk around school without the teachers asking where you are going and you can skip the lunch queue!!!!!
Although, in other news, I have 2 job interviews yay!! One next Wednesday and one on Thursday. I have one for Rymans (a stationary shop for guys that don't know what it is) which is a Saturday job and one for a Christmas worker at Debenhams (a department store). This will be my first ever job interview so I am so nervous but I am praying that I get the Rymans job as I can then fuel my love for stationary at a discount! If I get the job I am pretty sure I would run around my house like this (just not naked):


Birthday Haul!

So yesterday was my birthday yay! I turned 17 and I had a lovely day with family over. At the weekend I also had loads of my friends over for a sleepover in a tent in my back garden and we danced and chatted and played twister etc. It was one of my favourite birthdays I have ever had and I was going to share with you what I got because I love to look at these too (just as a note I am not boasting I am merely showing you what I got for your entertainment as I'm a bit nosey and like to see what people got too)!

To start off with, from my best friend that I have known since I was an ickle girl I got some beautiful smelling shower and body cream from a quite fancy looking brand called Mandara Spa. I also got some really cool earrings, a bracelet and a book that looks really cool. It's a novel about crime and murder so I can't wait to read that as I am going to New York soon so it is perfect for the plane!  Next, from a wonderful girl called Ami who I have known since primary sch…